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To be eligible for the Master of Economics, you have to hold an academic bachelor’s degree in either economics or business economics that is equivalent to one of the following KU Leuven degrees: BSc in Economics, BSc in Applied Economics, or BSc in Business Engineering. You need to have a solid background in economics or business economics. You should have acquired the basic conceptual frameworks of microeconomics and macroeconomics, the basics of mathematics, statistics and econometrics. You should also have a sufficiently broad view on the general economic, social, and institutional context of economic interactions. The equivalence of your degree will be evaluated by the faculty on the basis of the documents you have provided via the online application tool

You also have to provide evidence of your proficiency in English (IELTS or TOEFL). Furthermore you have to take the GMAT or GRE test and end up above the 75th percentile on the quantitative part. Exemptions to these rules can be found on the programme admission website.

More useful information about the admission requirements is available here.


Application deadline:

  • EEA citizens: 1 June
  • Non-EEA citizens: 1 March
  • Non-EEA citizens living in Belgium with a valid residence permit: 1 June

tuition fees:

  • EEA citizens: € 906.1
  • Non-EEA citizens: € 1,750
Worum geht's im Studium

Master of Science (MSc) in Economics

The Master of Science in Economics (ME) is oriented towards students with broad interests in socio-economic and scientific matters who are capable of critical and creative thinking. The programme offers you a theoretical framework and an in-depth training in economic theory, econometrics and applied economics which allows you to provide well-grounded answers to socio-economic questions. You will learn to interpret individual, interpersonal, and social phenomena from a global perspective and you will be able to interpret the general economic situation in a wider social and legal context.

More useful information about the programme is available here.

Programme structure

The programme consists of a common core of two programme units and a master’s thesis. You select one of the three majors, which prepares you for an advanced master’s programme:

  • General Economics
  • Research in Economics
  • Financial Economics

More useful information about the programme structure is available here.

Career opportunities

As a graduate of the MSc in Economics, you will have a very informed perspective on economics and society as a whole. This expertise and flexibility qualifies you for employment in a variety of fields such as policy development, problem solution and implementation, external communication, journalism, and public relations.

Results Alumni Survey: Employment record FEB graduates 2015-2016


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